This is the Festival’s most famous evening : the short film screening evening ! For this 14th edition, the Competition Pole selected for you short films in 4 different categories :


  • Ice Merchants directed by João Gonzalez, France, Portugal, 14’.
  • Swing to the Moon directed by Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero and Solenne Moreau, France, 6’40’’.
  • Hewn directed by Kelly McCarter, Toni Andrews, Dayaan Abarder, Tyler Solomon, Sebastian Kristiansen, Kent Mayne and Kyle Maier, South Africa, 5’13’’.


  • Nemoz directed by Guillaume Pont, France, 13’26’’.
  • Mauvaise Graine directed by Nadège Herrygers, France, 12’.
  • Adam et Flore directed by Armel Duval, France, 11’26’’.


  • Décors de rêves, les rivières pourpres directed by Marc Zeni, France, 14’.
  • Tout ce que ces arbres ont vu directed by Solen Chouvet, France, 13’1’’.
  • Belle River directed by Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau and Yannick Nolin, Canada, 11’18’’.


  • Cartes de l’Ombre directed by Côme Bocabeille and Bonnie Menviel, France, 10’39’’.
  • Tous en selle ! directed by Bridget O’Driscoll, Ireland, 14’.
  • Savez-vous composter ? directed by Capdevielle, France, 15’

These short films will be broadcast at the ENSI Poitiers on Friday, March 17, 2023 at 7 pm. They relate to the environment and must last no more than 15 minutes. As every year, admission is free. A buffet will be also available. You can then vote for each short film. The award ceremony will close the evening (one cheque for 400 euros per category).

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