About us

Free and open to all, this festival, created in 2008, is organized by students from ENSI Poitiers.

  • Origin of the Environmental Film Festival

Jean-Yves Chenebault, director of this school, had the idea to create an event with his students to address environmental issues around the viewing of short films. The student association of the Environmental Film Festival or FFE was thus born.

  • An important target

The FFE is intended to promote respect for the environment through the broadcasting of short films that aim to raise awareness of the current state of the planet and the dangers it faces and/or by showing all its beauty and aesthetics.

  • Next edition

The 14th edition of the festival will take place from Monday 13 to Friday 17 March 2023 !

  • Our partners

ENSI Poitiers

Since the creation of the Environmental Film Festival, the National Higher School of Engineering of Poitiers has been its home. Indeed, the was created as a result of a first-year project carried out by students from the school. In addition, all the volunteers of our association are educated at this institution and the majority of the events takes place on its premises. Thus, thanks to its continuous support, the school allows the festival to gain in quality and scale year after year.

We would like to thank all management for their unwavering support.

University of Poitiers

The ENSI Poitiers is fully integrated into the Poitiers university campus. That is why the University of Poitiers plays an important role in the development of the festival. Its students are the main players in this week dedicated to the environment. Indeed, most of the festival’s audience studies at university.

The university’s financial support for the festival since its inception is also largely responsible for the sustainability of the event made for and by its students. It is for this important help and support that we would like to warmly thank the University.


The regional student assistance office of Poitiers provides students with a quality of welcome and life conducive to the success of their training course. It carries out a social welfare mission and contributes to the information and education of students in the field of health.

However, the festival aims to raise awareness of the environment, young and old, in a fun and playful way, in line with the mission of the Crous Poitiers. As a result, the center decided this year to financially support our association.

Thus, we would like to thank Crous Poitiers for its continuous support in recent years.


The 2022 class of ENSI Poitiers is sponsored by EDF. The sponsorship of a promotion is an opportunity to strengthen the links between ENSI Poitiers and the professional environment. It also makes it possible to highlight the quality of the school’s educational project, through an essential undertaking of socio-economic life. In addition, EDF supports student associations. It provides financial support for the setting up of events that allow the school’s influence and the development of students.

EDF is also a regular sponsor of the festival over the years and has helped to improve the festival over the last ten years. For their significant support this year and in the past, we warmly thank them.

Poitiers University Foundation

The Poitiers University Foundation shares its year of creation with that of the festival. Since 2009, it has supported the projects of university stakeholders who share the ambition to meet the challenges of the future. The program of the festival, intended to promote respect for the environment, illustrates the desire of ENSI Poitiers students to improve our future.

As a result, the foundation has been an emblematic financial partner of the festival since its very first editions. It allows us to grow and spread our message every year. We would therefore like to thank the Foundation for their trust and support.

The European Independent Film Festival

The European Independent Film Festival has enabled many directors to express their creativity through international cinema since 2006. The ECU is open to the whole world and encourages innovation in independent films. Professional workshops are also set up to exchange with producers and thus promote the broadcasting of independent films.

That is why the Environmental Film Festival is particularly honored to collaborate this year with the ECU. We would like to thank them for their convictions and their support.

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